Until now, the most effective absorbents used in the O.R. were produced from oil. These products are expensive to produce and their prices can escalate along with the cost of oil, which, once again, is up.

Our new economy absorbent floor mat is made from renewable natural fibers, grown right here in the USA! Grey in color, green by design, these environmentally friendly mats help lessen our dependency on oil, while keeping CFO’s everywhere happy.

Our next generation floor mat is laminated with a tough outer layer. The natural fiber core contains a liquid trapping additive that contains spills. Not only does this make them more absorbent, it reduces seepage during and after use.

Economy Mat (GM2023)
Individually packaged for convenience.
Far more economical than other choices.
Easily disposed of or incinerated.
24” x 36” - Sized to prevent waste.
Latex Free.
Faster room turn around.
Perfect for scrub sink & lab use.

Step-Dri Absorbent floor mats - Disposable floor mats absorb liquids
during irrigated procedures - keep O.R. floors dry.

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